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  • Gary Houchens, PhD

Op-ed: Don't let a self-proclaimed socialist cancel Kentucky values

By Gary Houchens, PhD

Jefferson County school board member Chris Kolb has a foul mouth. But he has an even fouler opinion of many of his fellow Kentuckians.

After the JCPS board of education voted to require that every child in the district of nearly 100,000 students wear masks to school, State Senator Whitney Westerfield, a Republican from Crofton, tweeted the perfectly reasonable question, “Did anyone even speak at all to the psychological and educational harm to students wearing masks all day? I sure didn’t catch it if they did. So frustrating.”

Kolb, who really had no obligation to even acknowledge Westerfield’s tweet, responded by saying, “F— you.”

When Westerfield blocked Kolb on Twitter – again a reasonable thing to do when you are treated with contempt – Kolb trolled him further by tweeting “I thought conservatives didn’t like people to be snowflakes…”


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