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  • Thomas Davis

Parents or Bureaucrats? Who Should Be In Charge?

Great news for families! On Friday afternoon, the Kentucky legislature passed a school choice constitutional amendment. 

Now, the people of Kentucky will have an opportunity to decide if they want to continue letting bureaucrats decide what is best for their children -- or if they want to put power back into the hands of parents.

Parents and bureaucrats both make decisions for a child's education. But who should be in charge?

Of course, Governor Beshear will try to frame educational freedom as some sort of threat to education. He claims, "Public funds belong in public schools." 

But just two years ago in April 2022, Andy Beshear proclaimed, "I'm proud to announce [students] can now take advantage of this extra funding for CAP and KTG grants."

But what is a KTG grant? A Kentucky Tuition Grant is a state administered program that offers need-based aid to help Kentucky residents attend eligible Kentucky private colleges. 

What explains Beshear's differing opinion between school choice for K-12 education and school choice for higher education?

ANSWER: The liberal teachers' unions that fund the Democrats' campaigns.

The hypocrisy of the left is unending. 

What the liberals won't tell you is that school choice currently exists in 48 states. Kentucky and North Dakota are the only two states without it.

That means conservative and liberal states alike have found value in taking power away from the education establishment. 

Yes, conservatives have known this truth for a long time: Competition breeds excellence.


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