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Tell Kentucky Legislators:
Refocus Kentucky's curriculum on what really changes a child's future. 


Dear Kentucky Legislators:

Kentucky's standards and curriculum are failing Kentucky's children.

Although Kentucky has the highest graduation rate in the nation, only 25% of Kentucky high school seniors are college ready in math.

In other words, we are simply running students through the conveyor belt without making sure that students are actually learning. 

As a state, we must ensure that students are developing a strong academic foundation that will prepare them for adult life to be productive and upstanding citizens. 

Additionally, we must restore our social studies and civics curriculum so that children develop an admiration for and an understanding of America's founding principles and its struggle to live out those ideals.

It is completely unacceptable for only 1 in 4 Americans to be able to name all three branches of government. Without restoring our civics education, the American experiment will be doomed to fail.

That is why I am asking you to support legislation to fix Kentucky's curriculum and educational standards.


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