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  • Thomas Davis

What do the teachers unions really believe?

The past couple weeks have shown us what the teachers unions really believe. And it's not good. It may even surprise you. Just before the Chicago Teachers Union filed a request for an injunction to stop in-person instruction that was supposed to start January 11th, its Twitter account posted this opinion:

The CTU statement is absurd because young students of color have been most affected by the school closures. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the CTU has published absurd ideas. In August, they wrote that they were "completely in support" of protestors building a guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos's home.

Sadly, radical ideas such as this are not limited to local chapters like those in Chicago. The Kentucky Education Association's national affiliate (National Education Association) recently released a "Policy Playbook" for Joe Biden's administration. The NEA goes far beyond opposing school choice "schemes." The NEA also wants to repeal 529 programs in order to make it harder for you to save your own hard-earned dollars so you can send your children to private school!

The teachers unions hate competition and will do anything to preserve their monopoly. After Kentucky private schools were able to prove that schools could safely open to in-person instruction, would it really surprise anybody to learn that the KEA pushed Governor Beshear to forcibly close down ALL schools in Kentucky? Now more than ever, Kentucky needs to start funding students instead of institutions.


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