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  • Thomas Davis

It's not YOUR money. It's the government's.

It's no surprise that Governor Beshear's favorite liberal judge struck down Kentucky's school choice bill.

Ignoring United States Supreme Court precedent and the IRS tax code on how a tax credit should be viewed, Judge Phillip Shepherd decided once again to go rogue and halt the Education Opportunity Account program.

In doing so, he plainly showed how he sees the world:

However, he didn't stop there.

Within his 30 page opinion, Judge Shepherd recited the education establishment's demands that Kentucky "fully fund" public schools.

Of course, the KEA and its allies have never defined what "fully funded" actually means. Instead, they just ask for more money while promising that this time the students' outcomes will be different.

Apparently, spending $15,000 per student per year in Kentucky is not enough -- even though the average private school tuition in Kentucky is around $5,000.

And like many within the legal profession, Judge Shepherd purposefully uses complex sentences to obscure simple ideas:

Thankfully, Kentucky's children and parents who have suffered the past 2 years from the self-serving interests of the teachers unions should not lose hope.

When Florida passed its first school choice bill, it too was ruled unconstitutional by the state's courts. Today, Florida has the largest school choice program in the nation.

Most importantly, students in Florida are performing better academically. In fact, Florida's public schools went from below-average to being ranked third in the nation.

Why? Because when there is school choice, all schools are incentivized to deliver a higher quality education.

Put simply, competition breeds excellence.

Unfortunately, it's sad to see Judge Shepherd rule that free-market principles are now unconstitutional in America.


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