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  • Thomas Davis

Try on the teachers union's rose colored glasses

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the teachers union's rose-colored glasses?

We caught a glimpse of it when we noticed that KY 120 United posted a statistic about Kentucky education.

There were a lot of "high fives" given over this seemingly positive news. However, when we take off these rose-colored glasses, Kentucky education is in trouble. Big trouble.

For too long, Kentucky has set low expectations for our children. Our education system has become a factory where we pump out graduates without ensuring that they are actually learning.

While we acknowledge that not every student needs to attend college, we certainly expect much better results than this - especially when considering that Kentucky public schools spend more than $14,000 per student per year. We must raise the bar in education.

As Dr. Gary Houchens and Dr. John Garen point out in their recent op-ed, we can't continue to double down on the status quo by throwing more money at it. It's time for bold reform in education - not half measures.

We do this by funding students rather than institutions. It's time we put #KYSTUDENTSFIRST.

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