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  • Thomas Davis

Don't let Frankfort politicians back away from the fight.

In a few hours, a completely watered down "school choice" bill will be voted on.

We need you to call into Frankfort immediately at 1-800-372-7181 to encourage legislators to stand up for real school choice by insisting that the bill include these amendments:

  1. Include private schools. Without a private school option, it is a false choice.

  2. Remove the sunset provision. If the funding for school choice expires in 4 years, families will be worried about having to take their children out of a school that they love.

  3. Remove the $25 million funding cap. This is only 0.3% of the state K-12 education budget. The statewide need for school choice is far greater.

  4. Raise income eligibility above 175% of the federally reduced lunch threshold. Under the current proposal, a family of 4 with a teacher and police officer make too much money to qualify for school choice. If you pay taxes, you should have a say in how that money is spent.


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