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Fiscal Responsibility

Have you ever done the math?

Kentucky spends nearly $16,000 per student per year.  

In a classroom with 25 students, that means a jaw-dropping $400,000 is spent each year on the classroom.

Sadly, even the best teachers earn only a fraction of that money. Where is all that money going?


Normally, when a business fails its customers, it goes out of business. When a public school fails its students, it gets more money.

Unfortunately, it's hard to stop these perpetual tax hikes. 

In Kentucky, your local school board can raise your property taxes 4% every year without ever asking for voter approval.

We believe that taxpayers deserve a stronger voice in how their money is spent.

Sign the petition to demand a vote before every attempted tax hike.

"Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery."

- Calvin Coolidge -

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