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We believe that all children should be able to choose the school that best meets their individual needs and reflects their values. Our children need alternatives to the bureaucratic, one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, that opportunity is only available in Kentucky to those who can afford it. Commonwealth Educational Opportunities is a coalition of parents and concerned citizens who advocate for policy change so that our children's opportunities are no longer limited by their zip code.



Why Kentucky Children Deserve School Choice

The Problem

The bureaucratic, one-size-fits-all model doesn't work for all children.

It is unrealistic, and frankly unfair, to expect a school to meet the needs of every child. For example, if your neighboring county has an aviation program that interests your child, why can't your child cross the county line to attend that public high school? Shouldn't all children have funding available to form a "pandemic pod"? Your child's opportunities shouldn't be limited by zip code or family income. Instead, we believe that more choice in education is good for our children.

The Solution

Education Opportunity Accounts

Education Opportunity Accounts (often referred to as education savings accounts in other states) offer families the flexibility to customize their children's education. In Kentucky, middle- and low-income families would be granted EOA's from local non-profits. These spending accounts can be used to help parents pay for:

  • Early childhood education

  • Career and technical education

  • Dual enrollment for college credit courses

  • Transportation

  • Books and online resources

  • Therapies for special needs students

  • School tuition for PK-12

  • Programs to monitor children in NTI

  • Transfer to a neighboring county school

  • Hire tutors to form a "micro-school" or "pandemic pod"

  • After school and summer programs

Do Kentuckians support this?

Yes! This has bipartisan support.

In a 2019 poll in Kentucky, a majority of Democratic (62%), Republican (86%), and independent (76%) voters supported school choice. We need to demand that our politicians represent "We the people."

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