Tell Kentucky Legislators:

COVID-19 has shown just how important it is for parents to have a voice in deciding what is best for their children. 


Dear Kentucky Legislators:

All children in Kentucky deserve an alternative to Gov. Beshear's mismanagement of the education ​system during COVID-19. 

That is why I am asking you to establish an alternative to the bureaucratic, one-size-fits-all approach to education by supporting HB 563 which would allow families to:

  • Transfer to an open public school district

  • Afford PK-12 school tuition

  • Pay for individualized tutoring

  • Enroll in after school or summer enrichment programs

  • Access career and technical education

  • And much more

A clear majority of Kentuckians want better educational options for their children. In fact, 86% of Republicans and 62% of Democrats in Kentucky support school choice.  Please put Kentucky students first by voting to override Governor Beshear's veto of HB 563. 


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